BUZZ ads are a great deal!

We hear this all the time from our volunteer delivery teams: “People come up to me in the street when I’m dropping off copies and ask for a copy for themselves, and thank me for the paper!”

The Centretown BUZZ is a well-loved – and well-read – paper. We distribute 10,000 copies each month to Centretown homes, apartment buildings and businesses. It’s one of the most popular attractions at the community table at the local farmers market.

For more than 25 years, The BUZZ has enjoyed a special relationship with the people it serves. We tell Centretowners about their neighbours, local parks, local events, local issues – and local businesses. Your message can be part of that conversation.

Have an event or business that you want Centretowners to know about? Advertise with us!

The Spring 2022 Study of the Canadian Consumer from Vividata showed that 95 percent of newspaper readers find local news of greatest interest. Seven out of 10 Canadians agree, “I value my local media because it covers what’s happening in my community,” and 56 percent agree that “Local media makes me aware of products and services available in my community.”

The BUZZ had to raise our advertising rates in 2022 because our printing costs jumped almost 40 percent. But we did compare the new rates with other similar newspapers and we’re still a better deal!

The Centretown BUZZ is hand-delivered, which means no bulk bundle drops or newspaper boxes: our newspapers are delivered to mailboxes and doorsteps, ensuring that the maximum number of papers make it to our readers. Flyers are often automatically dropped in the recycling. The BUZZ gets taken into the house and read from cover to cover.

And advertising in newspapers is trusted more than any other medium. In fact, six of 10 Canadians say they would rather look at the ads in a newspaper than watch them on TV.

Get the ad package best for you

If you are interested in advertising in any upcoming issue of The BUZZ, you can view and download our rate card here. We offer discounts for multiple insertions. You can also advertise with a banner on our web site.

Need more info? Our Media Kit has all the basics in one package to download.

We’re also happy to create the ad package you need: email or phone 613-565-6012 ext 1.

Please note that all election-related ads (for example, from candidates) must be paid for in advance. Payment must be received at least one week before the publication date of the newspaper.