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SAW gallery rises from the flames

The next day Arthur II’s studio fire was front page news. Ottawa Journal, Friday March 9, 1973.

Centretown resident Arthur II inaugurated SAW Gallery’s new project display space at Arts Court with a solo exhibition entitled Crucible. This show explains the source of SAW’s curious name.

Remembering Ed Broadbent

Signing the book of remembrances at the state funeral for Ed Broadbent. (Alayne McGregor/The BUZZ)

Both dignitaries and regular Centretown residents waited in long lines and packed the Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre on January 28 to pay tribute to the late Ed Broadbent.

The BUZZ and me

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night has kept Wendy Bennett from delivering The BUZZ almost every month for many years. (Paul Bennett/The BUZZ)

Wendy Bennett tells why delivering The Centretown BUZZ has been such a joy for her for many years, and why you should consider joining the delivery team, too.

Users defend the car-free Queen Elizabeth Driveway

These two young entrepreneurs set up a lemonade stand by the Queen Elizabeth Driveway in July to help quench the thirst of cyclists and runners going by. (Alayne McGregor/The BUZZ)

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe recently suggested chopping half of the active-transportation-only section of the Queen Elizabeth Driveway. He’s got a lot of pushback from community groups, city councillors, and the CEO of the National Capital Commission (NCC).

John Leaning (1926-2022): his Centretown legacy

John Leaning was an inveterate sketch artist. In 1963 he published this drawing of an idealized residential street in CMHC’s Habitat Magazine with this caption: “We do not need 33 feet of asphalt. A street garden would give us more pleasant places to chat with neighbours while watching our children play together safely.”

John Leaning, a visionary urban planner and architect, died on September 22, 2022 at the age of 95. A pioneer in the protection of older residential neighbourhoods, the restoration of historic streetscapes, and the development of a citizen-driven community-based process for city planning, he held a special significance for Centretown.